Brawl Stars- Simple Tips to Win the Game

With several types of game modes, Brawl Stars are one of those shooter games which woo your mind with   variations. The game frenzy and events have made this game unique, and you can have the most fun if you take help of Brawl Stars hack. Today, you will get some essential tips and tricks which will help you to make strategies and win the game. Have a look!

Move the Brawler Quickly

You can’t be lazy while playing Brawl Stars. You have to move quickly and aim and attack as that is the motive of playing. Within a fraction of seconds, several operations can take place, and your swift movement can only decide your victory or defeat. Therefore, experts always recommend playing the game at joystick mode where you can move faster than others.

By default, the movements of the characters can be dictated only by tapping on the screen, but that is quite uncomfortable. Instead of that, you can use joystick which will help you to maximize your movements, and once you are familiar with it, you will get a maximum advantage than your opponents.

Tips to Hide Brawlers in a Battle

Many of you may not know, but while playing Brawl Stars, you can hide the brawlers inside the tall grass. While your brawlers are hidden inside the grass, they won’t be found out by your enemies, and thus you can be saved from being hit. If the grass is cut by using a Super attack, you can only be shooting then. Also, you can use the Super attack to cut down grass and hit the hidden brawlers of opponent teams.

You can easily take advantage of this factor just by putting yourself to the limit, and you can attack the rival player when it runs the corner. But, why applying this method, you should be careful enough not to disclose your presence in the grass. Otherwise, he will try an ambush.

Tips to Steal Gems and Stars

In every mode of the game, the motto is to protect your safe of loot while attacking your opponent teams and loot them for gems and stars. Stealing the gems is quite easy! You just need to defeat your opponent. You can also get an unlimited amount of gems and coins at free of cost just by accessing the hacking tools where you don’t need to put any effort.

How to Get Gems in Bounty Modality

Gems play an essential part in bounty mode. The team will win which has a maximum number of gems at the end of the game. While playing this game, you must have 10 gems for consecutive 16 seconds to win. There are several ways to get maximum number of gems-

In the center of the challenge, there is a jewel box that creates violet light, and gems get spurred up from it. If your team gets the control over the area, you can get two advantages-

·         You can earn more gems as quickly as possible

·         Catch members of opponents who are running out of gems.

So, here are the tips and tricks you can use while playing Brawl Stars. Play the game and have fun.

Everything to know about Rush Wars

Rush Wars is the best strategy game among all others present out there which is created by Supercell. It contains numerous fantastic features which attract more and more new players. Also, the same game is present for all Android devices as well as IOS devices at free of cost. Gamers directly download it from their game stores i.e. either the Play Store or App Store. They also get it in their device by downloading its apk from the any source which is present online. Also, users are free to use cheats and hacks in the game to get all things they want.

Types of currency

In Rush Wars, there are mainly 3 main types of currency present which are in the form of coins, stars and gems. Earning these 3 types of currencies is very important as by the same players simply go ahead in Rush Wars without facing any trouble. Not only is this, gamers earn currency in the game by Hack Rush Wars and also by using the appropriate cheats for currency.  Also, gamers earn all types of currency in the game by completing events, objectives and challenges.


Here you are going to meet with classic features of Rush Wars which are as follows. Players have to know them as to go far in Rush Wars –

·         The game includes classic maps which gamers have to discover and play.

·         They are provided with 3 types of currency and rewards also.

·         Lots of exciting events, objectives and challenges present in Rush Wars.

So, all these are the most important features of Rush Wars which you need to know before start playing the game.

IMVU- Enhance your knowledge now!

 Are you looking for an incredible platform to show your skills and make own world? If big yes then today we will come with a favorite source. The name of the game is IMVU which is recently launched by IMVU, Inc studio. The game will provide you with lots of exciting and enjoyable activates in the latest version. In it, a chat option is also available with many features to talk with friends and make new friends.  The game is full fill from many kinds of interesting stories. When you connect the game with Facebook at that time you are able to play with friends also you can to use imvu hack 2020.

Main option-

In the game many main options are available. Each option is useful for different work and task.  So today we will talk about those options. If you want to get complete information, then read the article.

1.       Home option-

With the help of this option, you are able to come on the main screen. For example- If you are present in other option and want to come home screen then tap on this option.

2.      Feed option-

This option is useful to see the new updates and models. In the feed option, two categories are available.

a.       Following- With the help of this option, you can see your friends post. It means if you want to see the post of your followers then tap on this option.

b.       Discover- If you want to find new friends and see trending post then select this option.

3.       Chat- In the chat option you are able to chat with friends. Under it four types of categories are available.

a.       All- In it, you can see all chat and suggestion.

b.       Favorite- Here you can find the favorite people chats.

c.        Recent- It is useful for finding the recent chat.

d.       Chat now- If you want to chat with other players or start a new chat then tap on this option.

4.       Activity- You can see from this option. It is divided into two parts. 

a.       Message- It is useful see the new messages.

b.       Notifications- If you want to see new notification then tap on this option